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Company Introduction

HATAM CONSULTANCY SERVICES Private Limited offers IT infrastructure solutions and customized software solutions for customer’s specific business needs which are based on cutting‐edge technologies and can be integrated into any existing IT environment or adjusted into the existing system. We take an individual approach to unique and complex IT challenges. This may involve analysis and elaboration of customer’s business needs for a projected system. We work for clients to provide the most reliable and cost effective methods to design, develop, test, secure and deploy the desired applications. Our commercial Internet and business experience is an added advantage for the customers to analyze long term benefits of using off‐the‐shelf or custom code in the development of the applications.

HATAM Introduction

HATAM CONSULTANCY SERVICES Private Limited designs, implements and delivers business-driven technology solutions that enable our clients to make their businesses more responsive to market opportunities and threats, strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, improve productivity and reduce information technology costs.

Our solutions enable our clients to operate a real-time enterprise that dynamically adapts business processes and the systems that support them to the changing demands of an increasingly global, Internet-driven and competitive marketplace.

Our focus areas include Strategic Consulting, Integration & Technical solution, we are more nimble, flexible, and quicker in delivering solutions to our clients and given our deep industry expertise can tailor our services & solutions around your needs.

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