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NetHAT Internet Billing and Security Software


NetHAT Wi-Fi Security and Billing System

Wireless high-speed Internet access is quickly becoming a service that business travelers as well as consumers are expecting at hotels, convention centers, and other hospitality establishments. Hospitality management sees broadband wireless access as a way to maximize occupancy, increase customer satisfaction.

Wireless or wired, HATAM provides secure high speed internet connectivity to your business. Our solutions include Marina WiFi, Hotel WiFi, Conference Center Internet and Pub / Hospitality, Health-care, Sports Venue, Town and Community, and Holiday Park Wi-Fi systems. We supply a complete solution, from our own designed NetHAT Wi-Fi billing and management system, network monitoring platform, payment processing systems and content management systems.

NetHAT Wi-Fi Security System Structure

How NetHAT works

Upon accessing your hotspot, guest is automatically redirected to your self-branded login page (captive portal). To get the Internet access, guest may login with an existing account or signup for your services: by paying with a credit card or PayPal, by charging the bill on the room number, or by enter a voucher ticket.

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