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HATAM CONSULTANCY SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED (HCS Pvt. Ltd.) is a registered company under the Company Act 1956 with Corporate Identity Number U74120UP2011PTC047873, founded in December 2011. It was established to provide all sorts of consultancy services, in general, and IT Infrastructure and software development services, in particular, to industries all over the World. Innovation, hard‐work and consistent support of our teammates makes the company an achiever.

company profile of HATAM

Strategic business model of HATAM is a combination of both in house and out sourcing for consultancy services as well as for software development with high expertise and reliable technology solutions to our clients at an affordable cost. Following are some of the technological areas that we use to provide services.

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To find out how we can service your requirements, please call +91-88990 33334 or email in@hatam.in for free information with no obligation.